Pricing For Quick eBlast Create A Free Account

Only pay when you send.

Quick eBlast pricing structure couldn't be more simple. There are no setup fees, no monthly fees and no hidden fees.

$7 plus 2 cents per recipient

For each campaign you send with more than 5 recipients, you pay a flat delivery fee of $7 plus 2 cents per recipient.

Let's say you're sending an email newsletter to a database of 1,000 subscribers. To send this newsletter, you will be charged $7 plus 2 cents for each recipient, $20 in this case, making a total of $27. All prices are in US dollars.

Any campaigns you send to 5 or less people is free of charge!

Get A Great-looking Design For Free!


Choose one of our free design templates and don't pay a cent for design. Our templates are simple, clean and ready to go the moment you create your account. You can use these templates to start sending emails right away. Take a look at a few templates currently included with Quick eBlast.

Corporate Branded Email Templates.

Have us create a custom series of Quick eBlast templates that reflect the identity of your company. Set your company apart from all the other emails, incorporate your corporate branding and functionality into a series of template designs that look and work best for your communications.

Implementation Assistance.

As easy as our system is, you can always get us to help implementing or getting some customization done. Our team can assist you with uploading your contacts, adding a subscribe form to your website, or provide a training session.

Pricing Flexibility

We also offer many other pricing solutions such as:

  • Existing Customers
    Give us a call to learn more about our loyalty discounts.
  • Volume Discounts
    Send a lot of emails? Give us a call and we will help setup a plan right for you.
  • Invoiced Monthly Payment
    Prefer not to use your credit card when its time to send? Ask us about receiving monthly invoices instead.

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